The Universal Question: Is this ok?

Here is another person asking the universal question: “Is this ok?” “Is it ok for me to want this?” “Is it normal/common/acceptable/allowable/etc/etc/etc?”

In a word, YES.

This is the thread that caught my eye today: “my husband is very receptive to the idea of me wanting a female partner”

It’s just so common that people doubt themselves, their wants and desires. We’ve been socialized so heavily it’s almost funny.

At the risk of repeating the poly party line, talk, talk, and talk some more. Tell your love what you want. Tell them that you’re nervous to talk about it, if you are. Tell them what you’re afraid to tell them. If you’re afraid they’ll judge you, tell them. Ask for patience and talk talk talk.

If you’re clear what you want, just ask for it.

And then try it! (my response: If you’re clear what you want, just ask for it.)

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