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The Universal Question: Is this ok?

Here is another person asking the universal question: “Is this ok?” “Is it ok for me to want this?” “Is it normal/common/acceptable/allowable/etc/etc/etc?”
In a word, YES.
This is the thread that caught my eye today: “my husband is very receptive to the idea of me wanting a female partner”
It’s just so common that people doubt themselves, their [...]

Connecticut Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage

“To decide otherwise would require us to apply one set of constitutional principles to gay persons and another to all others. The guarantee of equal protection under the law, and our obligation to uphold that command, forbids us from doing so. In accordance with these state constitutional requirements, same sex couples cannot be denied [...]

Vote no on Proposition 8

A prior writer pointed out that his marriage and family will not be threatened by gays and lesbians obtaining the same civil and legal rights as heterosexual couples. Fifty percent or more of traditional couples get divorced or commit adultery. Which is worse? Loving and committed homosexual partners or philandering heterosexual couples who hide behind [...]

Tristan Taormino’s Poly Pride Keynote Address

Tristan’s Keynote Speech at the Poly Pride event in New York City is brief but powerful, and so clearly addresses some of the most important current issues. Thank you Tristan!
Tristan Taormino’s Poly Pride Keynote Address

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First year student embarks on long-distance open relationship

Synapse (Synapse: Current Issue) is the student newspaper of the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) probably one of the best places in the world to start exploring open relationships. Madalene Mandap, a first year phamacy student, is a contributing writer and offers a sweet commentary on starting the conversation with her sweetie.
While she doesn’t [...]

Anyone but him?

I just read a posting about an all-too-common situation. To summarize, a married couple (M/F) has been having an open relationship and dating only women for some years. The wife then meets a man she wants to date, but her husband doesn’t want that unless and until he has a woman to date. When the [...]

I kissed a dog (and I liked it!)

Ok, don’t ask me how I found this (or what I was searching for…) but now that it’s here I just had to share this with you!

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OK to date women but not men

This is an article stub. I will write it soon, and add to it as needed. If you have questions about this subject that you’d like answered, or would like to discuss it with me, please add a comment below and I will get in touch.
The common situation, and its most common problem, goes like [...]

If these are people that you love, they’re family to me - New York Times

From a nice article about some friends of mine in the New York Times:
“If these are people that you love, they’re family to me”
That just says it all for me.
Committed to Polyamory Means Several Sex Partners and a Lot of Talking -

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Making (gay) open relationships work

When it comes down to it, we’re all pretty much alike, and the examples of different kinds of open relationships in this article are common types for all sexual preferences.
Making open relationships work - SX News - The leading gay and lesbian news paper in Australia .

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